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Kids Account

Do you want to grow in investment, scale your business and meet your urgent bills?

Kids Account

This is a special product of Briyth Covenant MFB, designed specifically for kids to inculcate an early culture of savings in them and also help the parents to plan towards the children successful education.
It is evident now, that we are in the world where bills and responsibilities are ever increasing, hence the need to plan for our children’s education is paramount and non-negotiable.
However, for parents who already have children in school, it is never too late to plan, that is why this product is designed to relieve the parents of the hardship of school fees payment and give the children uninterrupted schooling as their fees are settled on time.


    • Age 0-17 years

    • Account form to be opened in child’s name

    • It is runs by parent/guardian

    • Attractive interest rate

    • Balance of N20, 000.00 and above is eligible for a gift on the kid's birthday

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